New York Cruises Aboard The Atlantis

One of the finest New York cruises in the city, the Atlantis is the ideal luxury yacht charter for your elegant dining experience.   The Atlantis is a state of the art private yacht that offers our Clients opulent dining indulgence combined with an exquisite ambiance unique to our sea liner.  Surrounded by the iconic city skyline, New York cruises aboard the Atlantis, is the ideal setting for your next corporate or family event celebration.

New York Cruises:  5 Star Service & Amenities

New York Cruises offers all the amenities you could possibly want in a private charter yacht and more. Aboard the Atlantis, your guests will relish being surrounded by the breathtaking NYC skyline, the historic landmarks dotting the shoreline and views that can only be appreciated while cruising through New York City’s metropolitan harbor and waterways. Our New York cruises, the Atlantis, offers three decks, two of which are fully enclosed which make for a perfect cruise on the storied waterfront any time of the year.

The first deck houses our formal dining salon, together with a dance floor and platform. Access to the outer decks at the bow and stern are located on the first deck.   Entrance to the second deck can be reached via the grand staircase. Housed with a large bar area, this elegant space is usually utilized for the cocktail hour. Our New York cruises third level is an alfresco sundeck that is ideal for taking in the awe-inspiring views that NYC has to offer.  A luxurious bridal suite fit for a queen, white glove butler service and top shelf liquor offerings are just some of the fine details never overlooked aboard the Atlantis.