The Atlantis Yacht: Yacht Exterior

The Atlantis Yacht was designed to encompass the look and feel of a private luxury yacht. This makes the Atlantis Yacht truly unique among other dinner boats and yachts. Sleek lines and modern yacht styling were the primary focus during the design and yacht building processes. Many sacrifices were made in order to achieve this goal while remaining functional as a charter yacht. Many vessels are constructed with the maximum capacity of guests as a determining factor of design. The Atlantis’ exterior design took precedence over capacity.   The team at New York Cruises aspired to create the impression of a private charter yacht, but with a spacious interior design to accommodate large events.

Atlantis Yacht Sky Deck

The yacht’s ‘Sky Deck’ is fully furnished with stylish and chic wicker pieces that create a feeling of being on your very own private yacht.  The furniture can be arranged to fit the needs of your yacht charter event, while remaining elegant and functional.  Our wicker sets have aqua cushions and navy blue accent pillows.  The sets include two couches, four club chairs, and eight ottomans.  These can be moved to perform a ceremony and then readjusted for cocktail hour.  We also have thirty white chairs to seat guests for a ceremony.  The Sky Deck is a favorite among guests.  Passengers enjoy mingling on this deck during cocktail hour and posing for photos under the Statue of Liberty.  The Sky Deck is also great to stage group photos.

The sound system on the Sky Deck was far from an afterthought, dance quality speakers and subwoofers were incorporated during the early stages of building the yacht.  A simple connection is all that it takes for the DJ to mix live, while your guests party under the NYC lights,  on the yacht’s Sky Deck.  If you prefer a different type of live entertainment, the Atlantis can also accommodate multi-piece band on the Sky Deck.  The Sky Deck also has its own built in microphone system for outdoor speeches and toasts. During ceremonies, we also provide AV assistance to ensure sound quality during this special moment. The Atlantis Yacht Sky Deck boasts customizable LED ambient lighting, along with our yacht jacuzzi that illuminates with an alluring water feature.  The jacuzzi also has a surrounding seating.  This is the perfect place to have a drink and listen to music.  The Atlantis Charter Yacht also offers an optional “Sky Deck Bar” for your guests’ enjoyment and convenience.  Options aboard the Atlantis Yacht are limitless, your NYC yacht charter can be tailored to your specific vision. Our event specialists will guide you through the planning process.  New York Cruises’ specialists have orchestrated thousands of successful charters and will happily assist you.
For your guests safety, the Atlantis stations a member of the marine crew on this deck at all times.  This deck is accessible by two staircases allowing for traffic flow. 

Atlantis Yacht Outdoor Decks

For the guests who prefer a more intimate NYC experience, the Atlantis Yacht has several other outdoor spaces.  The yacht bow area provides an unobstructed view of NYC.  The yacht stern deck offers the perfect escape for those guests who may want to indulge with a cigar and fine cognac.  Our underwater LED lights are also visible from the yacht stern deck. These smaller areas give guests an alternative to the party atmosphere.  The bow and stern decks are perfect for relaxed conversations and great views.   

Yacht Sophistication

The impression begins upon arrival to the yacht. Guests are dazzled by the outside appearance. The Atlantis was designed to exude sophistication and appeal to the most discriminating of yachtsmen.  The Atlantis Yacht’s hull was designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, so that your guests are comfortable during your yacht charter in NYC.  The yacht’s steel hull was constructed to maintain a stable environment aboard the yacht, while sustaining the yacht’s efficiency.  The Atlantis Charter Yacht was built using a combination of a steel hull and aluminum super structure to create a low center of gravity. This combination can counteract the turbulence created from external forces. The speed of the vessel is also a very important factor.  When moving at a higher rate of speed, the Atlantis creates more surface tension between the hull and water’s surface. This contributes to the overall stability while cruising aboard the yacht.

The team at New York Cruises takes pride in the overall look of the Atlantis.  We continuously work hard to maintain the exterior decks to our standards.

For Photos of the Exterior of the  Atlantis, visit our Google+ photo album: Photos