Yacht Charter Menus

Get ready to embark on the ultimate catering hall experience. This is a New York Cruise filled with unprecedented comfort, luxury and attention to detail, complemented with the utmost in service and exquisite dining in our formal dining salon. The Atlantis offers the highest standard of excellence, in catering and service. All catering is prepared onboard by our team of expert chefs. You and your guests will enjoy quality catering at its finest if you choose to set sail with us. We custom tailor our menu’s to suit your taste, and strive to accommodate your wishes.

We offer an assortment of hors d’oeuvres passed by our elegantly-dressed serving staff, with choice of a seated dinner, buffet served dinner, cocktail menu, or stations menu. We are also able to offer different options to meet the needs of our clients.

Our additional options allow you to customize your charter and add a personal touch!  From Tacos to Caviar- we have you covered!   


Our Sample Menus

Poseidon Menu for Atlantis Yacht

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New York Cruises offers a variety of Charter Menus to compliment your occasion.  In addition to the menus above, we offer Lunch, Brunch, Sweet Sixteen, Prom, Cocktail Style, and Breakfast options.  We can also customize a menu for your affair!