Our approach, individual…

All of our systems are built in for a stream lined, unrivaled experience. The Atlantis encompasses leading technology in all areas including marine equipment, monitoring systems, sound mixing/production, connectivity, and lighting. All of our systems are constantly maintained & upgraded to ensure our status as the leader in dinner yacht tech innovation.

Our Sound System is controlled by the Peavey Mx32 digital sound management system. Wireless capability allows us to alter sound to meet the demands of a particular event. The system controls 10 inputs, 12 outputs, and over 100 speakers powered by 11 QSC amplifiers. Three Shure wireless microphones provide coverage throughout the entire vessel. At first glance, sound presence would go unnoticed. Aesthetics played a significant role in the development of the design, custom sub-woofer enclosures and concealed JBL cabinets preserve the overall streamlined impression of the yacht’s interior without compromising high quality sound.

LED backlighting combined with high-power LED stage lighting creates the perfect party atmosphere. A variety of color effects set the tone for your affair and enhance the unique aspects of the yacht. The overall feeling of your event continues to the yacht’s exterior with ambient LED lighting. From the Atlantis’ top deck, to the underwater lights, customize your event with a lighting scheme that compliments your choice of décor.

Displaying a company logo, reminiscing with a photomontage, or presenting a slideshow are all possible with the Atlantis’ three 42” plasma televisions and projection system. Stay connected or live stream with use of our on-board Wi-Fi.

Behind the scenes, the Atlantis boasts numerous computer-controlled systems that efficiently monitor and control the functionality of the vessel. The Pilot House is equipped with redundant electronics to ensure safe navigation during an event. Climate is controlled digitally and separated by zones for maximum comfort. All vital equipment is continuously observed through use of our custom designed monitoring system to ensure comfort and safety.