5 Amazingly Unique Wedding Photo Opportunities from the NYC Harbor

Gorgeous sun setting behind the Brooklyn Bridge

Anyone who’s planned a wedding (or even been to one!) knows that memorable photos are an essential part of the bride and groom’s special day. So much time, effort, and money goes into looking your absolute best and putting together the perfect decorations. And it’d be a shame not to remember every little detail that you’ve worked so hard to create.

If you’re looking for a unique wedding venue that celebrates your love and the spirit of New York City, look no further than the New York Harbor and The Atlantis. Here are five photo op ideas that brides and grooms will love while aboard one of our wedding cruises NYC.

Scenic Sunsets

There are few things more romantic than a colorful sunset, especially on your wedding day. When you book a wedding dinner cruise on a luxurious NYC yacht, you can spend time on the main deck, sky deck, lounge deck to take in the colors and cherish the one you love. We’ll help you time your wedding day activities just right to get the very best picture-perfect sunset photos.

Architectural Wonders  

One thing that sets New York City apart from everywhere else in the world is its architectural wonders that are second to none. Wedding cruises provide opportunities to have the city’s beloved landmarks, feats of modern architecture, and engineering masterpieces serve as the backdrop for beautiful photos with family and friends. Just think about how amazing you’ll look with the Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge, or your favorite cultural institutions in the backdrop of your wedding photos!

Historic Monuments

New York City has a rich and fascinating history, much of which is told through its monuments, memorials, and statues. The Statue of Liberty represents so much in our city and across the entire country, so why not let your wedding cruise photos reflect your passions for justice, equality, and opportunity? Our sky deck is the perfect place to stage group photos with your wedding party and extended family.

Peaceful Water and Waves  

Something else unique about wedding cruises NYC is that they allow photo opportunities with the peaceful flow of the water in the background. Just like the waves in the harbor, marriage will have its ups and downs. But the flow of the blissful water in the background of your photos will serve as a reminder that changing tides are natural and that your love is a powerful force.  

The City Illuminated at Night

There’s nothing quite like New York City at night, and you’ll have the opportunity to see it up-close and personal on a wedding cruise.  The city truly does come alive when the sun goes down, and you’ll have a perfect view on the water to experience it in a relaxed and elegant way. Our event coordinators will work with you to customize our lounge deck, sky deck, and main deck to meet the needs of your event and make your wedding dreams come true.

We’re confident that your wedding guests will be delighted by the sights and scenes offered from onboard the premier NYC wedding yacht, The Atlantis. Not only will you create a beautiful day for your loved ones, but also lifelong memories to share and cherish every single day of your marriage.