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5 Fun Bridal Shower Ideas for Your Special Day

Many of us have a very specific idea in mind when we think about bridal showers…ideas that involve sitting in a church basement, publicly opening gifts, and eating too much cake. However, not all brides are traditional individuals, and not every bridal shower has to look and feel the same.

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate your upcoming wedding or throw a memorable pre-wedding celebration for someone special, here are some bridal shower party ideas to consider! Continue reading

5 Creative Graduation Party Ideas

Graduating from school is a huge accomplishment, whether it’s elementary school, high school, or college. It’s also a perfect reason to throw a party!

Graduation parties are all about the three “Fs”: family, friends, and food. But there are lots of different ways that you can celebrate this special day to suit your unique personality and party style. Graduation party ideas NYC have never been easier than when you pick a creative theme, like one of these! Continue reading

Celebrate Your Next Event Aboard the Atlantis Yacht in NYC

The first step when planning an event is selecting a location, choosing the best venue to accommodate your guests is of great importance.  Key factors when choosing an event venue are service, cuisine, atmosphere, aesthetics and budget.

You want your guests to be treated well, indulge in fine dinning, have a great time in a beautiful location, while spending a certain amount of money.  This is not an unobtainable idea; you should not have to give up one aspect to achieve another! Continue reading

Party Planning on a Yacht or Boat Made Simple

Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind

So you’re planning a special event on a yacht charter boat. Planning an event can be stressful, now take into consideration your on a boat and some things will be different!

Here at New York Cruises, our event specialists will help you through the decision making and guide you through the planning process. Here are some quick tips to keep you on track when planning your yacht charter in NYC. Continue reading