Party Planning on a Yacht or Boat Made Simple

Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind

So you’re planning a special event on a yacht charter boat. Planning an event can be stressful, now take into consideration your on a boat and some things will be different!

Here at New York Cruises, our event specialists will help you through the decision making and guide you through the planning process. Here are some quick tips to keep you on track when planning your yacht charter in NYC.

  1. Décor

    Charter Yachts are quite different than your quintessential catering hall. Ceilings are usually lower than a banquet room and guests on a charter yacht will love exploring the outside decks, so your choice in décor needs to reflect the atmosphere and space! You can go with an overall theme or color scheme keeping in mind the space when choosing how to decorate. We recommend not having too much height on centerpieces, so it does not distract from the NYC skyline. Also, small accents, such as monogramed pillows can really tie the event together. On the Atlantis Charter Yacht, we have 2 lounge couches on our lounge deck and modern wicker furniture on our sky deck, which would be the perfect place for accent pillows. We also recommend choosing linens, overlays, and runners that will lend to a theme or color scheme and do not take away from the beautiful views. Some popular themes on our charters include nautical, patriotic, under the sea, and New York. You should not over-do the theme with novelty items, but keep it simple with elegant details.

  2. Lighting

    The Charter Yacht Atlantis has built in LED lighting that can create a mood for your event. Lighting sets the tone for the event, for example romantic, modern, and “club” lighting can all be achieved with our built in lighting. Some clients like to supplement with “up-lighting” in custom colors or adding gobo lights to really achieve a theme. We can recommend vendors to assist you in achieving the perfect mood or you can utilize our house lighting.

  3. Event Flow

    When planning an event on a charter yacht in NYC, it is important to realize that you need to plan the flow of the event based on the sites. A grand entrance should not be taking place while traveling under the Brooklyn Bridge! That is why going over the event order with an event coordinator is an important step when planning your event! Coordinating formalities is a key step in the planning process. The staff on the Atlantis ensures that the event maintains a flow, while keeping vendors “on-board” with the timing of the events. Event orders are usually set 1-2 weeks before the cruise, therefore it is important to make us aware of any formalities, including toasts, special dances, and speeches, so that we can work together to make sure the event stays afloat.

  4. Entertainment

    Charter Yachts will entertain guests with beautiful sites of NYC, but deciding on other entertainment is also very important. Think about your guests, their age range, and what you can provide to entertain them. Most clients enjoy having a live DJ at their affair. Our DJs are familiar with our equipment; its capability and can get even the most diverse crowd dancing! If you have many young children attending, you may want to provide additional kid-friendly entertainment. Photo Booths and movie Flip Books are also very popular with guests of all age groups. We can make suggestions based on your crowd and will be happy to assist you when choosing entertainment.

  5. Small Details Go a Long Way

    Bring your event to life with small idea, which impresses guests in a big way. Custom cocktail napkins, coloring books for small children, and a signature cocktail will really make guest feel welcomed and make your event stand out. These minor details, along with the major parts such as entertainment bring together your vision.

Allow us to help navigate you through the party planning process. New York Cruises, home of The Atlantis Charter Yacht in NYC, will assist you in your planning from beginning to end.

Our event specialists can recommend vendors, plan key details, and give advise as to how to make your yacht charter vision, a reality!